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Bearings Manufacturer
                          and Exporter
Bearings Manufacturer and Exporter


In the world of bearing technology, where specialization is the order of the day, Shree Krishna Bearing Industries has grown to attain a position of leadership in quality and innovation. But amidst the years of rapid advancement and change, the underlying principle has remained constant. We continue to believe in delivering the best. And the very latest know-how from world leaders in the field. Which is perhaps, the reason why we've steadily moved ahead to become one of India's most diversifing bearing manufacturer. And a very specialized one too.

SKBI manufactures and exports Bearings, Bearings For Overhead Conveyors, Bearings For Slide Conveyor, Precision Bearings For Automation, Bearing Components, Precision Machinery Parts, Precision Components. With such a wide range of products SKBI becomes "A one-stop Industry" for all types of bearing requirements.


At SKBI, we believe, if the end result is to be outstanding the highest degree of commitment and quality must exist at every level. Whether it is men, machines, materials or methods.

If we have achieved what we have today, it is because of this policy of commitment. The special care at every step. And the realization, that nothing matters more than a satisfied customer.

All our plants are equipped with extensive facilities for quality control and material testing. We manufacture our own toolings, special equipment and have well equipped R & D facilities.

We employ the best machinery, superior quality raw materials and the latest technology for every aspect of manufacture.

Bearings should be stored in a dry and clean area.

Packing should not be opened until ready to use.

Prior to installation, SKBI should be consulted for recommendations. Proper installation and maintenance must be adhered to for ultimate performance. Failure to adhere to recommendations may result in premature product failure, and/or in extreme cases, personal injury.


Terms and conditions of sale.

Our price list is based on ex-works basis, in unit packaging with outer packing as per accepted trade practice. Requests for special packaging can be accepted for a mutually settled extra charge.

Delivery shall be quoted by us separately depending on the quantum of the order and availability of raw material.

Coverage of insurance shall be mutually agreed upon at the time of confirmation of the contract.

Testing or Inspection, if any, specified by the buyer shall be carried out only at our company and it shall be considered as final.

The seller hereby agrees and warrants to repair or replace any of its products or parts thereof, which have become unusable due to defects in material or workmanship, subject to the following conditions:

The unusable products or the parts thereof, are returned to the seller for checking and repair or replacement, at no expense to the Seller and at the risk of the Buyer, within six months of the products being put in service, but not later than one year form the date of delivery.

The Buyer shall lodge a written complaint concerning the fault to the Seller, without unreasonable delay, after the defect has been detected. The claim shall contain a description of how the fault had been detected.

Warranty claims will be analyzed jointly by a team from SKBI (the Seller) and the customer ( the Buyer). This team shall arrive at a mutually acceptable cause for failure.

The Warranty does not cover damages or defects due to incorrect assembly, unsuitable lubrication, faulty mounting and maintenance, outside action, negligence, overload, incorrect choice of bearings, normal wear and tear or depreciation, improper use of the products or other circumstances beyond the Seller's control.

In the case of exports, the warranty shall be subject to the Import and Export Regulations of the government of India.

The Seller shall not be responsible for direct or indirect loss suffered by the Buyer by reasons of defective material or workmanship of the products.

Even if the Seller has assisted the Buyer in choosing the product or product design, the Seller is not liable for damage or loss arising out of the choice of the product or the product design.


All quotation are made in good faith. However, in the event of delay in delivery of goods due to non-availability of raw materials, storms, fire, tempest, earthquake, strikes, lockout accident or any other reason which renders impossible or impracticable or unsafe for the company to fulfill its obligations, the buyer agrees to take the goods with the extension or extensions, without any allowance whatsoever provided that each such extension does not exceed 3 calendar months. A certificate signed by a director of the company or a responsible officer of the company certifiying the cause of delay shall be accepted by and be binding upon the buyer for all purposes of this contract. The company shall not be liable for the damages or delays due to circumstances beyond its control.


All disputes, difference and claims arising our of or in connection with this contract shall be referred to te arbitration of two arbitrators, one to be appointed by each party to the dispute and such arbitration shall be held at Mumbai in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Reconciliation Act, 1996, or any statutory modifications or reenactment thereof for the time being in force. The award shall be final and binding on the parties.


The Contract and / or other and / or all terms thereof shall be governed by Indian Law courts at Mumbai which will be exclusive jurisdiction to entertain and try any action or proceedings in relation to the contract or any matter arising there from.
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